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Polyethylene HIPS blend (PEPS) is a thermoplastic material that combines two materials excellent properties.  It is durable, good for chemical resistance, is good for gluing after corona or flame treatment and is excellent for thermoforming.  It comes in opaque colours can be translucent and is generally available with a texture. It can be used for fabrication, thermoforming or just as a sheet cut to size.

What are the advantages Polypropylene Co-Polymer?

  • Simple processing.
  • Lower density than HIPS.
  • Good chemical resistance against most chemicals.
  • Durable
  • Good for gluing, (Once treated with Corona or Flame).
  • It has a semi-anti-slip layer on top.

What types of Polypropylene Co-Polymer do we offer?

  • Block co-polymer is a polypropylene which contains 5-15% of ethylene. This improves impact resistance even at low temperatures.
  • Static co-polymer is a polypropylene which contains 1-7% of co-monomer ethylene and is applied when a more elastic and transparent material is required.

Which characteristics can be improved?

  • Visual appearance.
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Friction (higher or lower).
  • Various weather influence resistance (UV resistance).
  • Antistatic characteristics and electrical conductivity,

What applications are Polyethylene Polystyrene (PEPS) especially suitable for?

PE-PS is excellent for thermoforming and is more stable than PE alone.

We provide materials currently for Shower Cubicles for static & touring caravans.


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Thermoforming Shrinkage?

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