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What types of ABS Special Foil do we offer?

  • Standard foils are either foils we have in stock awaiting production to your requirements or we have stock sheet available with our stock foils.
  • Special Foils are available to order with a minimum quantity per project and per run.  We dont keep pre-made stock sheets or foil on stock but we can offer all Special foils made to your requirements assuming your project has the quantity to cover the minimum foil order.

Which characteristics can be improved?

  • Visual appearance.
  • Scratch resistance.


What applications are ABS Special Foils especially suitable for?

ABS Special Foils are suitable for visual applications to imitate other material.


Delivery Programme:-

  • The foil width supplied to us comes in 2 widths
    • 1100mm wide foil which allows us to produce sheet 1030mm wide maximum.
    • 1270mm wide foil which allows us to produce sheet 1230mm wide maximum.
  • All sheets are available in either Matt or Gloss effect.


Thermoforming Shrinkage?



Standard Foil Designs:-

AF/29 (Brushed Aluminium)

V2/99 (Woven carbon)

MI/08 (Chrome Mirror) 


Special Foil Designs:-


 AF/16 (Brushed Aluminium)


 AF/20 (Brushed Aluminium)


AF/37 (Brushed Aluminium)