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Maximum width:          1500mm
Thickness:                    1mm − 15 mm
Colour:                           Black
Volume Resistance:   >104 – 105 Ω

Testing our Conductive sheets.


  Why PE Conductive Sheets?

• For thermoformed ESD trays, where one spark could be devastating. • Greatly reduce the risk of a catastrophic discharge of electrostatic energy
• Electronic packaging, medical devices • Reduce the risk of explosion
• Can be used for fuel system components like surface of petrol pump hoses. • Conductive properties of our polymers are permanent.
• Replace polyethylene bags or boxes containing explosive materials such as gunpowder

• Excellent costs / benefit properties






Delicate electronic components are easily damaged by static discharge and subsequent faults in assembled equipment can be costly. Static discharge is a serious problem. The solution is to conduct the static charge harmlessly to earth.

Our material offers electrically conductive plastic sheet that is controlled resistance.
e.g. at 104 ohm/cm. We offer solutions to problems caused by static electricity or electromagnetic interference.

Apart from packaging for the electronics industry, conductive plastics are used in many other applications, including medical devices, heating elements and fuel cells.